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East Sea News from 01/2 to 29/2/2012

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-(Gulfnews 29/2) Philippines, US to hold war games in South China Sea At the same time that the department of energy will award to private firms oil exploration contracts

-(Philstar 29/2) Admiral:US needed for South China Sea security The commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said Tuesday the American military must be present in the South China Sea to ensure the security of sea lanes crucial to international trade

-(Guardian 29/2) Philippines reignites row with China over oil exploration rights Energy secretary José Almendras has invited foreign companies to explore offshore area, despite Chinese claims to the territory

-(Voanews 29/2) Beijing, Manila Stand Firm in South China Sea Dispute A new dispute is building between China and the Philippines over oil exploration in the South China Sea, with neither side showing any sign of backing down

-(Globaltimes 1/3) Beijing rejects US role in South China Sea The Chinese foreign ministry Wednesday firmly rejected comments by a top US military commander that the US military presence in the South China Sea is necessary for the security of the region; (Globaltimes 29/2) Beijing warns Manila over oil bid in South China Sea

-(WSJ 29/2) U.K. Firm Continues South China Sea Exploration A move that could exacerbate tensions over control of the potentially energy-rich South China Sea

-(Reuters 28/2) Conflict looms in South China Sea oil rush Claimant nations search deeper into disputed waters for energy supplies while building up their navies and military alliances with other nations; China's military build-up seen independent of U.S. moves The U.S. military commander for the Asia-Pacific region said on Tuesday

-(The-diplomat 28/2) Why U.S., China Destined to Clash Forty years after Nixon’s extraordinary visit to China, a clash of political systems exists that not even shared economic interests can mask

-(Washingtonpost 27/2) Philippines seeks foreign investors to explore for fuel deposits despite China’s protest

-(Inquirer 27/2) DFA: No to joint development with China. The joint development of areas in the South China Sea that “are clearly ours is not a viable solution” to our problem with China, according to Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario

-(Msn 27/2) China denies firing at Vietnamese fishing vessel, Saying that the media reports in this regard were untrue

-(Scmp 26/2) Fears of China's military spending. Beijing is expected to announce its defence budget for next year at the annual meeting of the National People's Congress next month; Jakarta's submarine buy raises stakes in build-up
-(Wsj 23/2) Washington and Hanoi Approach Cautiously: Given the challenges it faces, America would welcome another willing partner in an increasingly tense region

-(The-diplomat 23/2) India’s “Look East” Power Play In recent months New Delhi has been making impressive strides in strengthening its defense ties in Southeast Asia

-(Atimes 22/2) Broadsides sink South China Sea peace A similar multilateral, inclusive and multi-level model of confidence building needs to be employed to deter the escalation of emerging inter-state rivalries in the maritime domain in the East Asia region.

-(Thailand-business-news 22/2) The South China Sea dispute needs a legal solution Regional states should realise that by pursuing the legal route they elevate law above self-interest and principle above power.

-(Inquirer 22/2) Philippines, Vietnam discuss cooperation on Spratlys during the inaugural meeting of the two countries’ Joint Commission on Maritime and Ocean Cooperation (JCMOC)

-(Inquirer 20/1) The US base in the Philippines: The United States already has a base here: the entire country

-(Philstar 20/1) US formally offers 2nd warship to AFP That is expected to boost the country’s territorial defense capability

-(NST 20/1) Malaysia's correct strategic decision: With the arms build-up by India and China, and America’s pivot policy, Malaysia is taking precautionary steps; (Eastasiaforum 19/2) America and China: strategic choices in the Asian Century

-(Foreignaffairs 2012) The Future of U.S.-Chinese Relations Conflict Is a Choice, Not a Necessity

-(Abs-cbnnews 19/2) China's Xi shows US new style but questions linger: Americans have learned that China's likely next leader enjoys basketball and the fresh Midwestern air but are still in the dark on how he will handle rising tensions.

-(Oilprice 19/2) China's Benign Foreign Policy Image at Odds with South China Sea Stance: Beijing for years has relentlessly projected a benign image in its foreign policy, but China’s pacifist representations do not extend to energy issues, most notably in the disputed South China Sea.

-(Philstar 19/2) AFP modernization done in two years: The government can get the Armed Forces of the Philippines back on its feet in two years, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said yesterday; (Chronicle 19/1) The American Century Is Over— Good Riddance
-(The-diplomat) Why to Forget UNCLOS Only by continuing to act on the high seas as it always has can the United States hope to maintain a system of international rules that serves its own interests. Ratifying UNCLOS could very well have the opposite effect.

-(Nytimes 15/2) Chinese Vice President Urges U.S. to Respect ‘Core Interests’ Mr. Xi’s use of the term “core interests” was intended to emphasize the existence of a line that the United States and other countries should not cross in discussions with China

-(Ria 15/2) Russia, Vietnam to Jointly Manufacture Anti-Ship Missiles Head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Mikhail Dmitriyev said on Wednesday

-(Themalaysianreserve 15/2) India tells Asean it believes in ‘open’ South China Sea Nobody can own a particular sea, there are international conventions.

-(Nbr 2/2012) Maritime Energy Resources in Asia: Legal Regimes and Cooperation NBR Reports are occasional papers on special topics conducted by the world's leading experts in Asian affairs

-(Eurasiareview 14/2) South China Sea: Rising Tensions But No Permanent Solutions On Horizon: The geopolitical development of what is happening in the South China Sea will have immediate and long term consequences for global security; (FP 14/2) The Rise or Fall of the American Empire

-(Wsj 14/2) China’s Military Spending to Double by 2015 Beijing’s military spending will reach $238.2 billion in 2015, compared with $232.5 billion for rest of the region; (FP 14/2) Rooting for Xi Why we should hope that China's next leader is a big success.

-(FT 14/2) US defends Asian military strategy As China’s heir apparent used a trip to Washington to criticise the Obama administration’s plans to “pivot” towards the region.

-(Atimes 14/2) Russian wrinkle in the South China Sea: A recently concluded three-day port call by three Russian warships in Manila has sparked speculation that Moscow may be angling to wade into the intensifying Spratly Islands dispute in the South China Sea; (Peopledaily 14/2) Better ties hold key to South China Sea disputes

-(Wantchinatimes 14/2) South China Sea rivals increase military spending: The total defense expenditure of nations in Southeast Asia increased 13.5% to US$24.5 billion last year

-(Reuters 14/2) BP gets ok for gas exploration in South China Sea: BP has won permission from China's Ministy of Commerce

-(Inquirer 14/2) Urgently Needed: Transparency in US-Philippine Relations Recent developments in US-Philippine relations should evoke concern among citizens of the Philippines and their representatives in Congress.

-(WSJ 13/2) Obama's China Blind Date Why else would President Barack Obama pick Feb. 14, Valentine's Day, to meet with China's president-in-waiting, Xi Jinping?

-(Washingtonpost 13/2) Views from China’s vice president: China and the United States have more converging interests in the Asia-Pacific region than in anywhere else

-(Isikkim 13/2) China will push India-ASEAN Delhi Dialogue-IV to new heights: The theme this year is “India and ASEAN: Partners for Peace, Progress and Stability.”

-(Wsj 13/2) Philippine Leader Touts U.S.'s Asia Role: Aquino III views the U.S.'s expanding role in East Asia as a means to secure a lasting solution to one of Asia's potentially most perilous diplomatic and security flash points: who controls the South China Sea.

-(Businessmirror 12/2) CPP: US preparing PHL Navy as ‘frontline force’ vs China The transfer of another naval cutter from the US government serves the purpose of US military buildup on the South China Sea

-(MSN 12/2) US, China look for smoother future with VP visit: The United States and China will try to set the stage for a smoother relationship but neither side is under illusions about resolving deep disputes.

-(Cnmilitary 12/2) U.S. troops will increase the use of the Philippine port airport to expand to exist in the South China Sea The message also pointed out that the United States is not prepared to rebuild military bases in the Philippines.
-(BBC 9/2) Philippines seeks US muscle on South China Sea: Protecting an oil rig will be one of the exercises the Philippines performs with the US military this spring

-(Scmp 8/2) Taiwan's beacon on Spratlys may stoke tensions: Taipei says air-navigation installation 'nothing to do with any weapon' or surveillance with US

-(Bangkokpost 8/2)US to send second ship to bolster Philippines: As part of efforts to boost the ally's military amid tensions at sea with China

-(Thejakartapost 8/2) Maritime security cooperation in Southeast Asia: Energy security and trade between the economies in East Asia and ASEAN depend extensively on maritime security in the critical passages of the Malacca Strait and the South China Sea.

-(Washingtonpost 7/2) The Pentagon’s new view of warfare: The military will be smaller and leaner, but it will be agile, flexible, rapidly deployable and technologically advanced

-(Maritimesecurity 7/2) South China Sea: Pearls of Opportunity in Murky Waters: “A win-win solution is possible, one based on accommodation, consensus, cooperation and international rules. The issues are too complex and diverse to be solved by officials. Strong leadership from the very top is needed.”

-(Foreignpolicy 6/2) Sorry, Mitt: It Won't Be an American Century: American politicians should stop pretending the United States runs the world

-(Inquirer 7/2) Talks on expanding US military presence still on—Del Rosario: the meeting was “still tentatively scheduled for March”

-(Ipsnews 6/2) Philippines Seeking U.S. Help Against China’s Bullying: Philippines may be wading into choppy diplomatic waters by turning to the United States to counter China’s aggressiveness in the South China Sea

-(Defensenews 5/2) Vietnam’s Asymmetrical Strategy: Location Offers Advantages Over China: Vietnam does not need to match China ship for ship, but rather take its doctrine of guerrilla warfare to the high seashomeports at will, while a stricken Chinese fleet would more or less be lost.

-(Scmp 5/2) Russians in Manila Bay? What is afoot? Moscow may just be looking for a new customer for its weapons, but naval visit to Philippines hints at Russian concern at China's grip on strategic waters

-(Nhk 5/2) China focus of discussion at security conference: Discussions at an annual high-level security conference in Munich, Germany, took up the theme of Asia, including China's naval expansion.
-(The-diplomat 4/2) Beijing’s South China Sea Gamble: If China is right, then there is enough oil under the South China Sea to feed global consumption for several years. But Beijing may be making an aggressive bet on the wrong horse

-(Scmp 4/2A tale of two unequal treaties: The Philippines' recent talks with US officials were aimed at securing a firm defence commitment, which has been reaffirmed to Japan, but still eludes Manila


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