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East Sea News from 01/5 to 31/5/2012

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-(Channelnewsasia 31/5) China urges US to respect its interests in Asia as US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta began a visit to the region aimed at shoring up US naval power; (Maritimesecurity 31/5) New Chinese ship causes alarm

-(Xinhua 31/5) Fishing ban to start on East China Sea: The annual fishing ban on the East China Sea will begin from noon Friday, the East China Sea Fishery Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture said Thursday; (NYT 31/5) Beijing Exhibiting New Assertiveness in South China Sea

-(Theglobeandmai 31/5) JAMES MANICOM.Troubled waters: Canada and the South China Sea. Even as it seeks greater engagement with Asia, Ottawa has remained silent in the face of Chinese belligerence over a disputed tract of ocean. Perhaps that is for the best; (Yale 30/5) Why U.S. Senate should ratify Law of the Sea Treaty

-(Straitstimes 30/5) Philippines, China agree to restrain in standoff: The defence chiefs of China and the Philippines have agreed to show restraint in their countries' 2-month-old standoff at a disputed shoal; (Inquirer 29/5) Which country is the ‘hoodlum’?

-(Nhandan 29/5) ASEAN defense ministers meets in Cambodia: A Vietnamese delegation led by Defence Minister, General Phung Quang Thanh, participated in the 6th ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting which took place in the Cambodian; (Focustaiwan29/5) China not to let South China Sea dispute worsen: retired admiral

-(Inquirer 29/5) China alarmed by Clinton’s comments on West Philippine Sea: China has expressed concern about remarks made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; (Theglobeandmai 29/5) In the South China Sea, two superpowers flex their muscles

-(Philstar 29/5) China slams Clinton's remarks on South China Sea row: China has expressed concern over US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks that China’s claims in the South China Sea exceeded what was permitted by the UNCLOS; (Inquirer 29/5) China alarmed by Clinton’s comments on West Philippine Sea

-(Chinadaily 28/5) China welcomes new Philippine ambassador: Philippine President Benigno S Aquino III designated career diplomat Brady the country's ambassador to China earlier this month; Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on on Huangyan Island Incident

-(Nationmultimedia 28/5) Temperatures rising in the South China Sea: The code of conduct being drawn up by Asean is much needed to defuse conflict; (Chinadaily 28/5) Philippines must stop running amok

-(Interaksyo 28/5) Beijing reminds Clinton: US must not meddle in South China Sea row: Last Wednesday, the United States’ top diplomat said that China’s claims in the disputed waters exceeded what was permitted by the UNCLOS; (Idsa 28/5) The China Bull in the Ring

-(Defensenews 27/5) Shangri-La Talks to Tackle South China Sea Crisis: The 11th Asia Security Summit in Singapore June 1-3 will take place against a backdrop of renewed U.S. pledges to defend Asia-Pacific allies growing nervous about aggressive Chinese territorial claims; (Cntv 27/5) China keeps closer weather records in S. China Sea

-(Gmanetwork 27/5) China issues weather forecasts for South China Sea as if it's theirs: China on Sunday said it has started issuing weather forecasts for two islands and one reef in the South China Sea, including the disputed shoal; (Xinhua 27/5) Chinese defense minister arrives in Cambodia to meet ASEAN ministers
-(Channelnewsasia 24/5) China sends more ships to disputed shoal: As of Monday night, there were five Chinese government vessels - up from three -- and 16 fishing boats in the area, the Philippine foreign department said;(Indiatimes 24/5) Four Navy ships in South China Sea to mark Indian presence

-(Guardian 23/5) Philippines accuses China of deploying ships in Scarborough shoal: Manila says nearly 100 vessels have entered disputed South China Sea region, renewing tensions between the countries; (WSJ 23/5)Nationalists Risk Exacerbating South China Sea Tensions

-(Globaltimes 23/5) China, Vietnam hold first round of negotiations on Beibu Gulf: A Chinese embassy official told that the negotiation was held in accordance with the consensus reached by the two countries' leaders and heads of the border negotiation delegations; (Wsav 23/5) US: China's sea claims exceed what treaty permits

-(Csmonitor 22/5) Filipinos back government on China dispute, but want more diplomacy: Most Filipinos say that their government should not yield to to Chinese pressure in the South China Sea; (Gmanetwork 22/5) US wants legally binding code of conduct in West Philippine Sea row

-(Taipeitimes 22/5) China readies new missile corvette: A new type of Chinese missile corvette, the principal role for which might be to project power in the South China Sea; (Xinhua 22/5) China, Philippines seek dispute resolution

-(Abs-cbnnews 22/5) US Senate mulls UNCLOS ratification: as a way to keep China at bay in the South China Sea.

-(Manilatimes 22/5) Vietnamese intellectuals back PH Panatag claim: Sixty-six Vietnamese supported the Philippines’ claim on the Panatag Shoal and called on China to abandon its “absurd marital claim” on the area;(Focustaiwan 21/5) Taiwan will not work with China on South China Sea issues: official

-(Abs-cbnnews 21/5) Pentagon warns China on Spratlys, Scarborough backlash: The US Department of Defense has warned China that it courts backlash from other countries if it insists on its aggressive stand on territorial disputes; (Pravda 21/5)Frictions in the South China Sea - Chinese strategic mistake

-(Gmanetwork 21/5) US will do well to watch developments at Panatag Shoal closely: It could have major implications for the U.S; (Chinadaily 21/5) China dependent on foreign expertise

-(The-diplomat 21/5) China’s Small Stick Diplomacy: China’s combination of fishing boats, unarmed law-enforcement ships, and military power allows Beijing to act as a provocateur – and to use small stick diplomacy;(Philstar 21/5) DND: China warships not cause for concern

-(Rappler 20/5) China hits Pentagon over South China Sea: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei on Saturday, May 19, called the US report “irresponsible” amid what could be a proxy war between the US and China in portions of the South China Sea; (Defense May) Annual report to congress

-(Taiwannews 20/5) Ma reaffirms Taiwan's sovereignty over South China Sea islands: President Ma Ying-jeou on Sunday reaffirmed Taiwan's sovereignty in the South China Sea, vowing to adopt peaceful approaches to resolving territorial disputes

-(Mb 20/5) Russia Against Meddling: Expressing “concern,” the Russian Federation declared it is against any meddling by nations other than the claimant-countries in the South China Sea  territorial dispute; (Tribuneonline 20/5) China pursuing steady military build-up

-(Inquirer 20/5) Japan, SoKor, Australia to help PH improve defense capability: Foreign Affairs Secretary pointed this out over the weekend as he also disclosed that the Tokyo government is likely to provide the country with 12 patrol boats.

-(Scmp 20/5) Beware the undercurrents of race relations in South China Sea territorial disputes: China's territorial rows with littoral states in the South China Sea could put ethnic Chinese minorities in those communities on the spot; (Chinadaily 20/5) Beijing, Manila can find amicable solution to island dispute: envoy

-(Atimes 19/5) The riddle of the Scarborough Shoals: Is it a matter of seafood and sovereignty ... or gas fields and gambling? (RSIS May) Chinese Debates of South China Sea Policy: Implications for Future Developments
-(Peopledaily 18/5) China calls for consistent diplomacy from Philippines: China called on the Philippines to send clear and consistent messages on diplomatic solutions to the ongoing standoff between the two countries in the SCS.

-(Coshoctontribune 17/5) What is the U.S. strategy in the South China Sea? The U.S. seems to be sending a mixed signal to Asia; (Globaltimes17/5) 29 Chinese fishermen allegedly seized by NK

-(Reuters 16/5) China's "small stick" approach to South China Sea: Beijing has so far refrained from sending warships to enforce its territorial claims. Instead, China has deployed patrol vessels from its expanding fleet of paramilitary ships to Scarborough Shoal; (FT 16/5) Nine dragons stir up the South China Sea

-(Philstar 16/5) Palace: Up to BFAR to declare Phl's own fishing ban: There is no need to impose the ban on Chinese and fishermen of other nationalities since they are considered poaching in Philippine waters once they come into the shoal; (WP 16/5) Vietnam protests Beijing’s fishing ban in disputed South China Sea waters, deems it ‘invalid’

-(FP 15/5) How to Outsmart China: In its naval clash with Beijing, Manila seems to be taking its cues from a third-century Roman dictator.

-(The-diplomat 15/5) Why Philippines Stands Up to China: The Philippines is hopelessly mismatched against China in pure military terms. But there are historical reasons why it won't back down in the South China Sea;(Atimes 15/5) The sea rises in China

-(Bangkokpost 15/5) China rekindles US-Philippine ties: China's assertive behaviour is breathing life into America's historically tumultuous relationship with the Philippines; (Mofa 15/5) Vietnam protests China’s South China Sea fishing ban

-(Nytimes 15/5) Inside the China-Philippines Fight in the South China Sea: Fish, oil and bananas all play a role in the latest round of the high-stakes sovereignty dispute in the South China Sea.

-(Thehill 14/5) McCain: US can't let China 'do as they please' while smaller countries suffer

-(Philstar 14/5) China imposes fishing ban in South China Sea: A Chinese fisheries official said the ban would cover Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal; (Manilatimes 14/5) China Losing ‘South China Sea Battle’

-(Chinapost 14/5) Scholars urge cross-strait plan on South China Sea: The South China Sea became a hot-button issue in Taiwan in April following a standoff between China and the Philippines over the Scarborough Shoal; (Chinadaily 14/5) Toops in South China Sea get entertained

-(Businessmirror 13/5) PHL to reject diluted South China Sea conduct code: Philippines is no longer bent on accepting a diluted version that will not integrate a clause on disputes settlement mechanism (DSM);(Theglobeandmail 13/5) China should resolve territorial dispute in South China Sea through negotiation

-(Gmanetwork 13/5) Australia urges UN Law of the Sea approach to South China Sea claims: Australia has weighed in on the month-long standoff at Scarborough Shoal by urging nations with claims to the disputed island territories in the SCS to refer to international conventions and law for resolution; (Xinhua 13/5) Int'l tribunal not solution to South China Sea tensions
-(Chinadaily 9/5) Philippines warned over island dispute: Beijing warned Manila that it is "hard to be optimistic" about the impasse over Huangyan Island, and authorities say they are prepared for any escalation of the situation by Manila; (Reuters 9/5) China warns citizens ahead of Manila protest on Friday

-(Inquirer 9/5) Stand up to China or kneel and beg for mercy: This Friday, May 11, Filipinos in the Philippines will rally in front of the China Consulate in Makati to protest China’s “creeping invasion” of the Philippines in the Scarborough Shoal

-(Inquirer 9/5) Unclos is way to go to settle Spratlys dispute, says DFA chief: Del Rosario reiterated this Tuesday during a conference at Montego Bay; (Eurasiareview 8/5) Asian Diplomatic Ambiguity: Calming The South China Sea?

-(Malaya 9/5) Scarborough standoff hurting livelihood, say Pinoy fishers: “They can fish outside (the lagoon) but they are prevented from going inside,” said RJ Bautista, secretary to Masinloc Mayor Desiree Edora; (Inquirer 8/5) Scarborough shoal standoff: A timeline

-(Philstar 9/5) Chinese boats barring Pinoys from fishing in shoal: Chinese maritime vessels have started imposing fishing restrictions on Filipino fishermen returning to Panatag Shoal by denying them entry inside the lagoon; (Globaltimes 9/5) Peace will be a miracle if provocation lasts

-(People 8/5) Building new type of relations the only choice for China, US: Senior Chinese and U.S. officials met in Beijing Thursday for the fourth round of the China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

-(Washingtonpost 8/5) China launching first deep water oil drill in contested South China Sea(Businessmirror 8/5) Aquino urged to start bilateral talks with China

-(Abs-cbnnews 8/5) PH says working to defuse China row following a warning from the Chinese government that it was preparing for "any escalation."; Chinese ships remain at Scarborough

-(Xinhua 8/5) China again summons Philippine diplomat over Huangyan Island incident: This was the third time that China had summoned the Philippine diplomat in less than a month; Island belongs to China

-(Reuters 8/5) Philippine, China firms discuss South China Sea gas project: The Philippines' Philex Petroleum Corp said it has discussed a possible partnership with Chinese offshore oil producer CNOOC to develop a natural gas prospect in the disputed South China Sea; (Defense 7/5) Joint Press Briefing with Secretary Panetta and Gen. Liang from the Pentagon

-(Csmonitor 8/5) China blames the Philippines for South China Sea dispute: China warned the Philippines that confrontation over a disputed island in the South China Sea could worsen. 

-(Bangkokpost 8/5) China's defense chief visits Pentagon amid diplomatic row: The Pentagon hosted China's Defense Minister Liang Guanglie in a bid to boost military ties as the United States tried to contain the fallout from a diplomatic dispute over a top Chinese dissident

-(Chinadaily 7/5) China's 1st deep-water rig to drill in South Sea: The sixth-generation semi-submersible CNOOC 981 will begin operations in a sea area 320 kilometers southeast of Hong Kong at a water depth of 1,500 meters; (Xinhua 7/5) Build trust to avert tragedy

-CNAS Flashpoints: Three Essays on the East and South China Seas; - Studying the South China Sea: The Chinese Perspective, by Yun Sun, examines three key features of the current research by the Chinese policy community on the South China Sea and highlights the work of four leading research institutions and studies on the issue.

-(Nationmultimedia 7/5) Thailand walks a tightrope on South China Sea: The question frequently asked today: Will Cambodia as the Asean chair and Thailand as the Asean-China coordinator together be able to contain the South China Sea debacle? (Gmanetwork 7/5) Political leadership and the South China Sea conflict

-(Asianage 7/5) Diplomatic flip-flops: Most of the territorial disputes in the South China Sea relate to China’s aggression and posturing. The fight is not just territorial, but economic as well.

-(Chinadaily 7/5) A neutral US helpful to stability in S China Sea: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has recently declared that the United States would not take sides on the competing sovereignty claims to land features in the South China Sea

-(Businessweek 6/5) Aquino Open to China Oil Deal Despite Sea Spat: Aquino said his administration may split the issues to “have a political discussion on one side” and “have commercial issues on another side.”

(Businessmirror 6/5) Adviser to U.N. cautions China vs bullying PHL China’s bullying of the Philippines will defeat Beijing’s long-term aspirations of becoming a global economic leader

-(Bloomberg 5/5) U.S. to Aid Philippines Defenses Amid China Conflicts: The U.S. will assist the Philippines in improving its defense capabilities as the island-nation faces frequent disputes with China over fishing and mineral rights in the South China Sea; (Chinadaily 5/5) Beijing calls on Manila to return 'diplomacy'
-(CNAS 3/5) Three Essays on the East and South China Seas

-(The-diplomat 2/5) Is the Philippines an Orphan? The ongoing standoff between the Philippines and China raises troubling questions about the response to Chinese territorial assertiveness in the South China Sea; Pivot Out, Rebalance In

-(Scmp 2/5) Dialogue, not alliances, key to South China Sea stability as tensions over the just concluded US-Philippine war games demonstrate; (Inquirer 2/5) US vows to help PH build sea patrol capability

-(Abs-cbnnews 2/5) After troops, US sends 'Mercy' to South China Sea: To help assuage fears of growing militarization of the South China Sea, the United States Navy is mounting a high-profile humanitarian mission in the region; (Lowyinterpreter 2/5) Why the South China Sea matters

-(Chinapost 1/5) Legislators visit Taiping Island as South China Sea simmers: A group of lawmakers yesterday made an unannounced visit to a Taiwan-controlled island in the South China Sea for a brief inspection tour

-(Interaksyon 1/5) US expresses neutrality in South China Sea as it urged claimants to ensure freedom of navigation and maintain peace in the area.

-(Eurasiareview 1/5) What Is Causing South Sea Stand Offs – Analysis: Most of April saw the South China Sea dispute over sections of the Spratly Islands between China and the Philippines escalate to an unprecedented level.

-(NYT 1/5) U.S. Reaffirms Defense of Philippines in Standoff With China: Hillary said “We oppose the threat or use of force by any party to advance its claim and we will remain in close contact with our ally, the Philippines.”

-(Focustaiwan 1/5) Taiwan renews sovereignty claim over South China Sea islands: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Taiwan remains willing to work with other countries on exploring resources in the South China Sea


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