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East Sea News from 01/3 to 31/3/2012

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-(The-diplomat 31/3) Will ASEAN Tackle South China Sea? Burma is likely to be the main talking point at next week’s ASEAN summit. But will they dare tackle China’s territorial claims?

-(Philstar 31/3) 'US should provide Phl with military hardware': in light of heightening tensions in the South China Sea, Robert Warshaw of the Heritage Foundation said; (Reuters 31/3) Hu wants Cambodia help on China Sea dispute, pledges aid

-(Globalresearch 30/3) DRONE WARFARE: US could fly spy drones from Australian territory: As part of an increased US presence in the Asia-Pacific that has rankled China.

-(Presstv 30/3) Indonesia opposes potential US plan for base in Australia: saying the initiative threatens Indonesian sovereignty and security.

-(FP 30/3) This Week at War: The Navy's Pacific Problem: Does the U.S. military have the resources for an Asian century?; (Heritage 30/3) Strengthening U.S.–Philippine Cooperation Key to Stability in the South China Sea

-(Gmanetwork 30/3) PHL to 'exercise sovereignty,' build pier in disputed Spratlys: The DFA said it would build the pier on the largest of the five Philippine-occupied islands, known as Thitu, but which it calls Pag-asa.

-(Reuters 29/3) China influence over Cambodia to be tested at SE Asia summit: The timing of Hu's visit has raised suspicion Beijing may pressure Cambodia to curb discussions at a Southeast Asian leaders' summit on the vexed question of the South China Sea.

-(Philstar 29/3) EU backs Phl in South China Sea: The European Union (EU) on Tuesday saidit continues to support a peaceful resolution to the disputed South China Sea.

-(Reuters 28/3) Australia open to U.S. spy flights from Indian Ocean island supporting the U.S. pivot to Asia but likely upsetting Australia's biggest trading partner, China.

-(Businessmirror 27/3) PHL, Vietnam navies to jointly patrol Spratlys: The standard operating procedure for the joint patrol was signed by Vice Admiral Alex Pama, Navy flag officer in command and the Vietnam Navy’s commander in chief Adm. Nguyen Van Hien.

-(Scmp 27/3) Territorial claims set out in map of South China Sea: Mainland authorities will publish a map of the South China Sea this year to strengthen their claim to the disputed region.

-(Nationalinterest 26/3) Think Like the Dragon: It’s difficult to understand China’s nuclear-weapons capability and strategy.

-(BBC 26/3) For Prestige, Look To the South China Sea: Cambodia should take advantage of its chairmanship of Asean this year in disputes over the South China Sea, but the country is reluctant to do so for fear of a damaging its relationship with China.

-(Japantimes 26/3) ASEAN floundering over sea code of conduct: A rash of run-ins between China and rival Southeast Asian claimants to maritime space and islands in the South China Sea has prompted intensified negotiations on a formal code of conduct; (Globaltimes 27/3) South China Sea mapping underway

-(Indiatimes 26/3) Keep off South China Sea, India warned: Calling the South China Sea a disputed region, China has warned India to refrain from oil exploration in the Vietnamese blocks

-(Bt 25/3) ASEAN chair in 2013: Brunei must start devising strategies: As Us and China continue to play out their power struggle on the ASEAN stage, Brunei must play a pivotal role in maintaining regional stability when it assumes the ASEAN chair next year; (Chinadaily 25/3) Hu Jintao's upcoming visit in Cambodia to boost ties
-(Economist 24/3) Full unclosure? As oil-and-gas exploration intensifies, so does the bickering

-(Foreignaffairs 22/3) All Quiet in the South China Sea: Beijing is also unlikely to be more assertive if that sustains Southeast Asian countries' desires to further deepen ties with the United States.

-(The-diplomat 23/3) U.S. Must Remove UNCLOS Handcuffs: Critics say the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea infringes U.S. sovereignty. Actually, it would save the U.S. money, help counter China and make the Pacific safer.

-(Mofa 22/3) Viet Nam asks China to immediately and unconditionally release all fishermen: China has seriously violated Viet Nam’s sovereignty, sovereign and juridistional rights when arresting, detaining Vietnamese fishermen and hindering their fishery work in the waters of  Hoang Sa Archipelago

-(Yomiuri 22/3) U.S. to expand marine bases in W. Pacific as part of the review of the realignment of U.S. forces in Japan.

-(State 21/3) Why the United States Needs to Join the Law of the Sea Convention Now

-(Straitstimes 21/3) China holding 21 Vietnamese fishermen: The captain spoke to his family and told them the Chinese are demanding 70,000 yuan (S$14,000) for their release,'  

-(VOA 21/3) Philippines, China Vow Friendly Relations Despite Territorial Dispute with a series of cultural events during the next two years. 

-(Asahi 21/3) INTERVIEW/ Patrick Walsh: South China Sea could be a new 'strategic pivot': The strategic balance in the South China Sea now has both regional and global ramifications

-(Inquirer 21/3) Aquino: More US troops welcome but ruled out permanent bases; (SCMP 21/3) Beijing patrol missions predicted to rise

-(Thecambodiaherald 20/3) Bejing hopes ASEAN summit will avoid South China Sea: The summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is to take place in Phnom Penh on April 3-4.

-(FP 20/3) The Loneliest Superpower: How did China end up with only rogue states as its real friends?

-(TWQ Spring 2012) The South China Sea: Oil, Maritime Claims, and U.S.–China Strategic Rivalry: The risk of conflict escalating has increased in the South China Sea over the past two years.

-(Sipri March 2012) Trends in international arms transfers, 2011: The five largest importers of major conventional weapons in the period 2007–11 were all in Asia and Oceania: India, South Korea, Pakistan, China and Singapore

-(Inquirer 20/3) Philippine, Indonesian police to hold joint maritime exercises to coordinate their efforts in fighting transnational crimes within common border patrol areas; (WSJ 20/3) Bo Xilai is Gone. Now Can Beijing Keep its Balance?

-(CSIS 19/3) Audio: South China Sea in High Resolution: The SCS in High Resolution presentation will address the myriad issues -- ranging from geopolitical to economic to legal -- arising from the disputes in the sea.

-(Businessmirror 18/3) PHL told: Counter China’s intrusive actions at Spratlys: Thayer, a Southeast Asia regional specialist, said Manila’s weakness will only invite Beijing “to act more assertively.”

-(Philstar 18/3) 'China can carry out explorations but under Phl supervision': Del Rosario emphasized the Philippines’ is committed to resolve the dispute in a peaceful way; (Peopledaily 19/3) Manila softens stance over Nansha Islands

-(Inquirer 17/3) Philippines ready to take up Chinese offer for talks on joint Spratly development: Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said on Saturday.
-(Businessweek 16/3) Vietnam Says Cnooc’s South China Sea Bids Violate Territory: Cnooc Ltd. (883)’s moves to develop oil- and gas-rich northern areas of the South China Sea violates Vietnam’s sovereignty, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry said; (Wsj 16/3) Vietnam Protests Cnooc's Plans in Disputed South China Sea

-(Nytimes 15/3) Six Monks vs. One Warship: Asia has seen varying displays of hard power and soft power in recent days; Party Ousts Chinese Regional Chief, Halting His Rise

-(Channelnewsasia 15/3) Pacific big enough for all of us, says China: The Chinese ambassador to the Philippines on Wednesday moved to calm growing fears of armed confrontation in the Pacific

-(Taipeitimes 14/3) Taipei reminds Manila of its South China Sea claim: The remarks came in response to continued actions by Manila to conduct a bid for the oil and gas exploration in the Reed Bank, part of the contested Spratly Islands; (The-diplomat 14/3) Vietnam Engages the World

-(Nytimes 14/3) Wen Calls for Political Reform but Sidesteps Details: Warning that the nation risked a return to the chaos of the Cultural Revolution unless the governing Communist Party overhauled its leadership structure and cleared the way for economic reform; (FT 14/3) Splits surface in China leadership fight

-(FT 12/3) China’s past needs to be rewritten: The Chinese themselves should start to examine the history of their own country in the 20th century in a more honest and open fashion.

-(Thejakartapost 12/3) Chinese military spending a concern: China may be reacting to the increasing US military presence in Asia-Pacific region.

-(The-diplomat 12/3) How China Can Prevent Collapse: Political reform is necessary for China.

-(BBC 12/3) Vietnam to send Buddhist monks to Spratly Islands: The monks' delegation is being organised by the local authorities in the southern province of Khanh Hoa

-(Indiatimes 11/3) How India compares with China in military prowess: China's increased military spending, by 11% this year and 12.7% last year, is matched by its growing assertiveness in pressing territorial claims
-(Economist 9/3) Having it both ways: If China follows UNCLOS in this area of the sea, can it ignore it in areas where it has no such claim, just its nine-dashed assertive line?

-(WP 8/3) China testing cyber-attack capabilities, report says: For a decade or more, Chinese military officials have talked about conducting warfare in cyberspace, but in recent years they have progressed to testing attack capabilities during exercises.

-(Nytimes 8/3) Cast of Characters Grows, as Does the Intrigue, in a Chinese Political Scandal: Bo Xilai, the Communist Party secretary in China's Chongqing municipality, has seen his political fortunes dim amid a corruption scandal involving a number of officials in Chongqing; (WSJ 8/3) Amid Intrigue, Chinese Party Chief Speaks Out

-(The-diplomat 8/3) America’s Pacific Air-Sea Battle Vision: The U.S. must stop taking an “instant pudding” view of military planning. The Air-Sea Battle plan is the best hope to ensure security in the Pacific.

-(IISS 7/3) The Military Balance 2012: Asia's defence spending is set to exceed Europe's this year, for the first time in modern history

-(Foreignaffairs 7/3) The Challenge for China's New Leaders: The Dangers of Allowing Inequality to Worsen

-(Wsj 7/3) General Calls for New Coast Guard to Patrol South China Sea: And China should establish a new administrative zone encompassing much of the South China Sea.

-(Washingtonpost 7/3) US, Philippine troops to hold combat, disaster drills near disputed South China Sea areas:This year’s drills will be held April 16-27 mainly in Palawan, which faces the South China Sea and lies about 510 miles southwest of Manila; (Abcnews 7/3) US, Philippine Drills Planned Near Disputed Areas

-(Businessmirror 7/3) China will not go to war over Spratlys’: But how far can Beijing really go just to enforce its so-called sovereign rights? Will it go into war just to occupy the oil and mineral resources-rich islands on the South China Sea? (State 7/3)Remarks by Secretary Clinton: March 2012

-(Indiatimes 7/3) India keen on expanding oil, gas explorations in Vietnam: Keen on expanding oil and gas explorations in Vietnam's East Sea, energy-hungry India today said it will be a "win-win" situation for both the economies.

-(Cnn 6/3) China urges the U.S. to tread carefully on 'core interests' in order to build trust and avoid conflicts;(Chinadaily 6/3) China urges US to handle core issues properly

-(Inquirer 6/3) Philippines urges responsible use of power by China: Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said “we are relying on China to fully utilize its vast global influence in a more responsible way”; China urges US to respect its interests in Asia

-(Straitstimes 6/3) China must increase ability to win 'local wars': Wen As Beijing grows increasingly assertive about its territorial claims in Asia; (Smh 6/3) Chinese leader signals change of focus

-(FP 6/3) China's Top Party School: At Beijing's Central Party School, it's a lot more Communist platforms than keg stands.

-(People 6/3) Coast guard needed for maritime disputes: China should set up a coast guard to cope with the "increasingly challenging" maritime disputes with neighboring countries, a top political adviser said on Monday.

-(Japantimes 5/3) SDF to join U.S.-Filipino military drill: From the end of this month to April, Japanese and Filipino diplomatic sources said Saturday.

-(The-diplomat 5/3) Vietnam Eyes Middle Powers: The first Australia-Vietnam Joint Foreign Affairs Defense Strategic Dialogue, held in Canberra late last month.

-(The-diplomat 5/3) Clarification of China’s Claim? Ambiguity about the extent of China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea has been a key source of concern in this dispute.

-(Reuters 4/3) China boosts defense budget 11 percent after U.S. "pivot": The increase announced by parliament spokesman Li Zhaoxing will bring official outlays on the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to 670.3 billion yuan for 2012.

-(FT 4/3) Chinese infighting: Secrets of a succession war: The tale of a billionaire allegedly tortured in a crime crackdown offers a rare glimpse into infighting among the political elite.

-(Eastasiaforum 3/3) Rising tensions in the South China Sea: Tensions continue to rise in the South China Sea following the Obama administration’s foreign policy ‘pivot’ toward Asia late last year.
-(Atimes 3/3) Rising tide of conflict in South China Sea Sovereignty over the Spratly and Paracel Islands in the South China Sea is continually cited as one of the most important security issues for the 21st century

-(Atimes 2/3) Philippines builds anti-China muscle Future procurements are expected to boost the Philippines' ability to project power in relation to its territorial dispute with China over the mineral-rich Spratly Islands

-(Wsj 1/3) Beijing in Fresh Sea Row With Hanoi South China Sea Tensions Flare Up Anew as China Rejects Allegations of Assault on Vietnamese Fishermen

-(FT 1/3) Danger in Xi’s rebuff to Obama The president said they both had an interest in setting up a serious dialogue between the US and Chinese armed forces. Mr Xi, did not take long to think about the idea. His response was blunt: No

-(Washingtonpost 1/3) Vietnam protests to China over alleged assault on fishermen in disputed waters Foreign Ministry spokesman Luong Thanh Nghi said the Chinese action “seriously infringed” upon Vietnam’s sovereignty and “gravely threatened lives and caused heavy property losses.”

-(Chinadaily 1/3) China 'consistent' on S. China Sea: FM Freedom of navigation in the South China Sea "has never been a problem" Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Wednesday


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