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East Sea News from 01/1 to 31/1/2012

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-(Inquirer 31/1) Philippines seeks peace with China anew: Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario has urged Beijing anew to fully concur with Manila’s stated position on the East Sea issue; (Manilatimes 31/1) Philippines’ good ties with China to stay

-(Stratfor 30/1) The Philippines Weighs an Increased U.S. Military Presence: The biggest threats to the Philippines' security have long been internal, Manila has some of the weakest external defense capabilities in Southeast Asia; (Wsws 30/1) US tightens the military noose around China

-(Bworldonline 30/1) China responds to reports of rise in US army presence: China’s foreign ministry said it has “taken note of the report and urges relevant parties to do more to help maintain regional peace and stability.”

-(Philstar 30/1) China: Asia needs peace, stability: China called for greater efforts toward “peace and stability” in the region yesterday after the Philippines offered to allow more US troops on its territory.

-(Asiaone 30/1) Philippines sends 'wrong signals' by allowing more US troops: the decision will cause more tension in the South China Sea

-(Manilastandardtoday 30/1) Reed Bank oil hunt widenedForum Energy Plc, a London-based oil and gas company, is looking at new oil and gas prospects not far from the disputed Spratly group of islands in the South China Sea.

-(Globaltimes 29/1) Make Philippines pay for balancing act: The Philippines is a suitable target to impose such a punishment. A reasonable yet powerful enough sanction can be considered; -( Abs-cbnnews 29/1) China should punish PH over US offer

-(Thecambodiaherald 29/1) South China Sea at a glance: As Cambodia chairs Asean, South China sea becomes a thorn in the eyes of the Southeast Asian country

-(Thejakartapost 28/1) Philippines to beef up security in disputed islands in the South China Sea: The Philippine Coast Guard is beefing up security in the disputed waters around the country by deploying three vessels to conduct round-the-clock monitoring and security.

-(Globalresearch 27/1THREATENING CHINA: U.S. to expand military presence in the Philippines: The South China Sea and key waterways such as the Strait of Malacca are central to Washington’s ambitions to control China’s shipping lanes for energy and raw materials from Africa and the Middle East

-( Washingtonpost 26/1) Philippines may allow greater U.S. military presence in reaction to China’s riseInstead of trying to establish giant bases reminiscent of the Cold War, however, Pentagon officials said they want to maintain a light footprint.
- (Minda News 16/1Situation in South China Sea ‘peaceful and stable’: as countries involved held their meeting here on the implementation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in South China Sea.

- (Philippines Daily Inquirer 17/1DFA: Expect friendly exchanges with China: “the two sides had friendly and constructive talks and affirmed the commitment of the two governments to promote the comprehensive development of bilateral relations, such as in the areas of energy, science and technology, disaster mitigation, law enforcement, and maritime cooperation, among others.”

- (Economic Times 17/1India-China Special Representative Talks: Building Indo-China trust: In view of the Indian Navy's increasing engagement in the Asia-Pacific, and particularly in view of ONGC Videsh oil and natural gas exploration bids in the disputed and sensitive South China Sea, there is an imperative need for naval CBMs between the two countries.

- (Potomac Local 16/1) Intel Insights: Military Attention turns to China, Pacific: Using a refurbished former Soviet aircraft carrier to project power in the Pacific, as well as exhibiting a tougher stance in the South China Sea and their prowess in the cyber world, the Chinese seem to be bent on challenging the U.S. in the Pacific for now. Perhaps they will do so globally in the future.

- (Statesman 16/1) Philippines seeks Asian summit on disputed islands:

(Business World 15/1ASEAN, China tackle cooperation:  Maritime cooperation, particularly the implementation of the 2002 Declaration on the Conduct (DOC) of Parties in the South China Sea in a more binding Code of Conduct, however, was not singled out in the weekend meeting, nor was it tackled in a comprehensive manner in the earlier ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (AMM) in Siam Reap, Cambodia.

(Kansas City 15/1Some worry 'new' US military focus on Asia is a muddle: An examination of the current U.S. posture in Asia, matched to China's own strategic positioning, underscores just how perplexing, complicated and confused the new U.S. military strategy is.

- (Asia Sentinel 15/1Measuring America's Commitment to Asia-Pacific: How much is the United States willing to commit in protecting its interests and the region's?

- (Salem News 14/1The Next War on Washington's Agenda: Washington is getting all of us in over our heads.
- ( 6/1Obama wants a lean, mean military machine: Barack Obama has unveiled a strategy for a leaner US military focused on countering China's rising power while signalling a shift away from large ground wars against insurgents.

- (Daily Pioneer 5/1The dragon should breathe easy: Whether it is the border dispute along the Line of Actual Control or India’s proposal to explore the South China Sea for oil resources, the stamp of bureaucratic rigidity by China is plainly visible.

- (Atlantic Wire 5/1The U.S. Military's New Plan to Deter China: Though President Obama's speech today announced the need for a leaner U.S. military, he emphasized that "reductions in U.S. defense spending will not -- I repeat, will not -- come at the expense of the Asia-Pacific” region. 

- (Asia News 5/1China wants oil and gas in Vietnam’s waters, exploration to begin soon: Beijing is preparing to send a huge ship and an oil rig to start exploration, raising concerns over environmental consequences and sovereignty issues with Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei.

- (Asia Times 5/1China and Japan find common ground: With North Korea and Taiwan the US could be seeking a new path of collaboration with China and excluding a strategy of encirclement rising from the recent tensions in the South China Sea and the eastern sea borders with Japan and South Korea. 

- (Bloomberg 4/1U.S. Defense Strategy Plan Focuses on Thwarting China, Iran: The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines must combine resources to thwart any efforts by countries such as China and Iran to block America’s access to the South China Sea, the Persian Gulf and other strategic regions.

(Manila Bulletin 4/1) 'Spratlys' remains a sensitive issue: And as 2011 drew to a close, China seemed to have softened up, declaring that it was open to the suggestion of a joint exploration of the area.

- (Chosunilbo 4/1Chinese Aircraft Carrier to Be Commissioned 'Soon': China's first aircraft carrier is likely to be commissioned officially early this year, according to press reports.

- (Eurasia Review 3/1Ensuring safety ­at ­sea ­the ­southern ­ocean and ­the ­south china ­sea ­analysis:

- (Tehelka 3/12012, an Asian love story: foresees how India and Japan would get closer this year because of China.

- (Diplomat 4/1ASEAN Predictions for 2012: China will bring back the charm after its belligerent approach to the South China Sea issue and, to some extent, the Mekong River, has scared many Southeast Asian nations enough that they have welcomed back a greater role for the United States in the region.

- (Japan Times 3/1Chinese military bases are about more than just naval supplies and protecting trade routes: So finally it is out in the open. China will be setting up its first military base abroad in Seychelles to "seek supplies and recuperate" facilities for its navy; Solid alliances key as diplomatic challenges loom: "Japan-U.S. relations are the base, not only for Japan but for the whole Asia-Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, because China is becoming more assertive in the South China Sea," Nakajima said. 

- (Chosunilbo 3/1S.Korea Steps Up Defense Buildup as China's Military Power Grows: South Korea's military is working hard to deal with China's growing presence. In preparation for the deployment of China's first aircraft carrier, for example, it is developing a supersonic anti-vessel cruise missile. It is also considering producing small submarines that are difficult to detect in shallow waters like the West Sea.

- (Channel News Asia 2/1ASEAN welcomes US re-engagement in the region"I think the US has also seen that that is beneficial to them because this is the market, this is the where the consumers are, (and) if they want to export, if they want to sell, this is where they have to focus on. So I think the absence of the US in the past has been an anomaly."


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