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East Sea News from 01/4 to 30/4/2012

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-(CNN 30/4) 4 South Korean coast guard personnel wounded in clash with Chinese sailors while trying to apprehend Chinese sailors in Korean waters, a coast guard official said; (The-american-interest 30/4) High Noon in Beijing

-(Yale 30/4) Asia Caught Between Rivals China and US: While cozying up to China for trade, Asians turn to the US for security
-(Philstar 27/4) Philippines has 'good case' vs China on Scarborough row: Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile on Friday told government agencies and maritime law experts to prepare a paper to bolster the country's claim over the Scarborough Shoal.

-(Inquirer 26/4) China rejects PH bid to bring shoal dispute to international court but the Philippines is not giving up.

-(Xinhuanet 26/4) Chinese army to safeguard national marine rights: China's armed forces will work closely with fishery and maritime supervision agencies to jointly safeguard national marine rights and interests, a Defense Ministry spokesman said

-(Chinadaily 27/4) Military makes solemn vow on territory: The armed forces have vowed to "fulfill their duty" to safeguard China's territory in the South China Sea, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Thursday

-(Washingtontimes 26/4) China OKs supply dock in disputed islands: China's government said Thursday that it had approved a provincial proposal to build a supply dock in the South China Sea; (Inquirer 26/4) China to build supply dock in disputed sea; (Xinhua 26/4) Chinese army to safeguard national marine rights

-(Abc 25/4) Report raises fear of South China Sea war: The chances of a full-scale war erupting which could drag in China, the US, the Philippines and Vietnam are not as remote as one may think; (Dw) Report says China policy is stirring South China Sea dispute

-(Globaltimes 25/4) Manila can't dictate dispute progress: The situation around Huangyan Island is increasingly complicated and confusing; Island crisis points to China’s naval weaknesses

-(FP 25/4) It may only smell like oil and fish on the South China Sea: When one hears of trouble in the South China Sea, it is almost always to do with resources -- oil, gas, rare earth elements.

-(Foxnews 24/4) Chinese plans to tour disputed islands may increase tensions with Vietnam: A Chinese provincial official said Tuesday he's determined to start tourism development in the disputed Paracel Islands this year

-(Nationalinterest 23/4) Small-Stick Diplomacy in the South China Sea: A seemingly quixotic impasse between Philippine and Chinese ships played out this week at Scarborough Shoal, 120-odd miles west of the Philippine island of Luzon.

-(Crisisgroup 23/4) Report: Stirring up the South China Sea (I) The conflicting mandates and lack of coordination among Chinese government agencies, many of which strive to increase their power and budget, have stoked tensions in the South China Sea.

-(Hindustan Times 24/4) India one step back in South China Sea. State-owned ONGC is caught in the middle of a logjam preventing it from exiting a dry block in the disputed waters of the South China Sea; ( A Code of Conduct for the South China Sea: Politics, Principles and Possible Provision

-(WP 23/4) Vietnam hosts US Navy in skills exchange amid growing tensions with China in South China Sea: Vietnam kicked off a weeklong naval exchange Monday with the U.S. Navy

-(Asiaone 23/4) Vietnam fisherman says beaten during China arrest: Le Lon, who along with 20 other Vietnamese nationals was released Friday after 49 days in Chinese custody, said he had been mistreated by his jailers and kept in harsh conditions.

-(Inquirer 23/4) AFP: War games not directed at China: On the 12th day of a standoff at Panatag Shoal, Maj. Emmanuel Garcia said China had no reason to feel concerned about the annual Balikatan

-(Chicagotribune 22/4) China military warns of confrontation over seas: China's official Liberation Army Daily warned that recent jostling with the Philippines over disputed seas where both countries have sent ships could boil over into outright conflict

-(Indianexpress 22/4) Chinese daily calls for 'small-scale war' against Philippines: As the stand off between the Chinese and Philippine navies continue over the disputed islands in the South China Sea; (Journal 22/4) China-Vietnam row echoes PH situation

-(Abs-cbnnews 22/4) US commander reaffirms Philippines defense treaty amid increased tensions between the archipelago and China; Other nations must take stand on China: PH

-(Nationmultimedia 21/4) Asean and China seem to be drifting further apart: Ties between the regional grouping and the world's second biggest economy could deteriorate due to the numerous unresolved maritime disputes in the South China Sea; (Reuters 21/4) UPDATE 3-China's military warns of confrontation over seas

-(Inquirer 22/4) Other nations must take stand on China – Philippines: Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario warned that other nations would be affected by China’s claim over the mineral-rich area if they did not speak up now, like the Philippines is doing.

-(Guardian 21/4) China releases 21 Vietnamese fishermen after month: The Paracels are occupied by China but also claimed by Vietnam.
-(Atimes 20/4) China tests the will of the Philippines: David met Goliath on a tiny spit of rock and sand off the western coast of Luzon in the Philippines earlier this month.

-(Inquirer 20/4) China deploys gunboat: China has dispatched a powerful military vessel in the South China Sea after rejecting a Philippine proposal to submit the Panatag Shoal dispute to international arbitration

-(India 19/4) China rejects Manila's move to take sea dispute to ITLOS: even as Beijing sent a major ship to beef up patrol in the disputed waters; (Bworldonline 19/4) Thorny sovereignty issue

-(Scmp 19/4) China-Philippines South China Sea stand-off shows need for code of conduct: China must light a fire under their efforts to agree on a code of conduct in the contested waters of the South China Sea, because any delay - or obstruction - risks serious hostilities; Sino-Russian drill seen as tactical move

-(Wsj 18/4) Scarborough Scare in the South China Sea: The Scarborough Shoal dispute shows that Chinese assertions aren't stopping, and that Beijing's ability to intimidate neighbors is shifting the balance of power

-(Gulfnews 18/4) Manila refuses to move ship out of South China Sea: Earlier, Philippine officials claimed that two Chinese ships and an aircraft harassed MV Saranggani on Saturday; ( 18/4) Philippine position on Bajo de Masinloc (Scarborough Shoal) and the waters within its vicinity

-(Thejakartaglobe 18/4Peacemaker Indonesia Could Calm the Waters in the Disputed South China Sea:'Indonesia has so far remained somewhat above the fray and is ideally suited to play a mediating role.'

-(Inquire 18/4) China rejects Philippine claims over Scarborough: Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said Wednesday that China has evidence to prove its ownership of the shoal; (Iseas 18/4) US concerns in the South China Sea dispute

-(Radioaustralianews 18/4) Manila seeks outside help to resolve South China Sea standoff: The Philippines is seeking international arbitration to settle a territorial dispute with China over the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea.

-(Reuters 18/4) China summons Manila envoy over South China Sea standoff: as the standoff between the two countries showed no sign of ending.

-(Thejakartaglobe 17/4) Philippines Decries New Row in South China Sea Dispute: The Philippines said on Tuesday that it had filed a new protest against China in their increasingly bitter dispute over the South China Sea

-(Ruvr 17/4) South China Sea as the New Middle East: On Monday, 7,000 U.S. and Philippine troops started military exercises in the South China Sea near the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

-(Philstar 17/4) Chinese embassy Q&A: The Chinese embassy prepared its own set of questions, with answers provided by its spokesman, on the latest incidents in the South China Sea

-(Indianexpress 17/4) US: South China Sea dispute should be settled through talks: The US today said laws of the seas should apply and issues should be addressed through dialogue.

-(Atimes 17/4) Great game in the South China Sea: Southeast Asian nations are also showing eagerness to counterbalance China by inviting in powers from beyond the region; (Firstpost 17/4) India, US talks to focus on China, uneasiness in the South China Sea

-(Gulfnews 17/4) Asean urged to solve issue of South China Sea: The Philippines must continue urging Asean to resolve regionally the problem of China with claimants in the South China Sea, Philippine officials said.

-(BBC 16/4) US and Philippines begin South China Sea drills: The annual exercises, called Balikatan, are due to run until 27 April; (WP 16/4) Nearly 7,000 US, Filipino troops start exercises near disputed South China Sea waters

-(DCS 16/4) Truong Sa archipelago liberation day celebrated: A ceremony to mark the 37 th anniversary of the liberation of the Truong Sa archipelago (April 29) was held in Sinh Ton commune, in Truong Sa island district, southern Khanh Hoa province on April 16; (FP 16/4) Rotting From Within: Investigating the massive corruption of the Chinese military.

-(Inquirer 15/4) Philippines asks China: Stop all incursions in West Philippine Sea now: DFA spokesman Raul Hernandez stressed that amid efforts to cool tensions, Manila was still considering Beijing its “close neighbor and friend, as well as a solid partner”; (Dailytimes 15/4) Philippines says China boosts presence in shoal

-(Foxnews 15/4) China, Philippine naval standoff continues: Tension flared anew after China deployed a second ship and an aircraft that briefly hovered over the area, Filipino officials said Sunday.
-(ND 13/4) Vietnam welcomes oil related partnerships with foreigners: Vietnam welcomes oil-related partnerships with foreigners in its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, Foreign Ministry spokesman Luong Thanh Nghi said; (Businessweek 13/4) Competing Accounts

-(Tuoitrenews 13/4) Khanh Hoa monks set sail for Truong Sa: A delegation, including five out of six monks who have volunteered to practice Buddhism in Truong Sa (Spratly) islands, left for the archipelago on a boat Thursday.

-(Wsj 13/4) Philippines, China Withdraw Protests on South China Sea Spat: MANILA—Philippine and Chinese diplomats Friday began to make progress on defusing a tense naval standoff in the resource-rich South China Sea

-(VNN 12/4) East Sea security under discussion in Russia: Experts and academics from Europe, Asia, Australia and the host country Russia recently met in St Petersburg to attend an international seminar on security issues in East Asia and the East Sea; (Chinadaily 12/4) Don't play with fire

-(DCS 12/4) ASEAN chief urges for closer ties across region: SEAN’s Secretary General Surin Pitsuwan has called on all member countries to encourage closer links in fields other than politics and economics; (FP 13/4)Clinton Embraces the Navy

-(VOV 11/4) Vietnam, Australia upbeat about comprehensive partnership: Both sides placed high importance to ensuring peace, stability, security, safety and freedom of maritime activities in the East Sea, and held that all disputes between concerned parties should be resolved through peaceful means in respect for international laws;  High-level military delegation visits China

-(The-diplomat 11/4) China’s South China Sea Claim: India has another challenge to its strategic and diplomatic interests in its near abroad, thanks to a new move from China.

-(Reuters 11/4) Manila summons China's envoy over South China Sea standoff: The Philippines and China traded diplomatic protests on Wednesday over a standoff in a jointly claimed area in the South China Sea, but Manila ruled out the use of force in its enforcement of local maritime laws; (WP 11/4) Philippines, China work on compromise to resolve naval standoff in disputed South China Sea

-(Nytimes 11/4) Philippines and China in a Standoff at Sea: Philippine and Chinese officials on Wednesday called for a diplomatic solution to a naval standoff in the South China Sea, while insisting that they would defend their territorial claims in the region; (Heritage 11/4) Standoff in the South China Sea

-(Csmonitor 11/4) China, Philippines dispute raises tensions in South China Sea: With tensions between China and its neighbors over the South China Sea already high, any disagreement runs the risk of becoming militarized.

-(Washingtonpost 10/4) Philippines’ largest warship, Chinese vessels in standoff in disputed South China Sea:Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert Del Rosario has summoned Chinese Ambassador Ma Keqing in an attempt to resolve the impasse diplomatically.

-(Reuters 10/4) China stakes claim to islands with "Princess Coconut" voyage: A Chinese cruise ship called the "Scent of Princess Coconut" has completed a trial voyage to the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea;(Philstar 10/4) China hopes irrelevant parties will stay out of South China Sea disputes

-(Thehindu 10/4) Krishna's comments on South China Sea a mistake: Chinese paper: “Other countries can't denote one country's territory as global property,” said a commentary published by the Communist Party-run Global Times newspaper; (Abs-cbnnews 10/4) Filmmaker raises concern over detained Viet fishermen

-(Reuters 10/4) Cameron agrees joint defence deal with Japan: the first time since World War Two that Japan has concluded a weapons-building deal with a country other than the United States; (The-diplomat 10/4) ASEAN + China and Bhutan?

-(Guardian 10/4) Manila, Hanoi try football diplomacy in Spratlys to ease tension and build trust in a troubled region long feared as Asia's next flashpoint for armed conflict; (Xinhuanet 10/4) Chinese cruise ship returns from trial Xisha voyage

-(Nhandan 9/4) Vietnam affirms indisputable sovereignty over archipelagoes: China must immediately stop its activity, strictly abide by DOC and have no further action to complicate the situation in the East Sea

-(Wsj 9/4) Chinese General: Philippines Faces ‘Last Chance’ to resolve simmering territorial disputes in the potentially resource-rich South China Sea

-(Hindustantimes 9/4) China: South China Sea dispute has not disrupted navigation Two days after India said the South China Sea belonged to the world, China on Monday reiterated that it had full sovereignty over the Nansha Islands but added that it allowed freedom of navigation in the region.

-(Philstar 9/4) Vietnam backs Phl's multilateral approach to Spratlys row: Vietnam has categorically supported Philippines’ proposal for a multilateral approach to the territorial problem, by way of resolving it through ASEAN.
-(Economist 6/4) China’s military rise: There are ways to reduce the threat to stability that an emerging superpower poses; (Scmp 6/4) Islands to become tourist zone 

-(Thehindu 5/4) South China Sea projects ‘risky for India' if its companies continue exploring for oil in blocks off the coast of Vietnam in the disputed South China Sea

-(Phnompenhpost 5/4) Sea dispute still in limbo: A code of Conduct governing the South China Sea remains only an “eventual” prospect, Prime Minister Hun Sen said yesterday, despite it dominating discussions during this week’s ASEAN Summit

-(Atimes 4/4) US presence evolves in Southeast Asia: Many Southeast Asian countries welcome the US military's presence, especially in light of China's provocations and assertive claims to contested areas in the South China Sea

-(Eastasiaforum 4/4) Diplomatic currents running strong in the South China Sea: Current diplomatic efforts appear tied to ASEAN’s annual cycle of meetings, and it is expected that China will keep a low profile in the run up to the ASEAN and related summits held later in the year; (Ibtimes 4/4) Asean Summit Falters Over South China Sea Dispute

-(Indiatimes 4/4) ASEAN to 'intensify efforts' on China sea disputes: Leaders of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) "reaffirmed the importance" of a 10-year-old declaration on the conduct of the parties (DOC); (Hindustantimes 4/4) Exploring South China sea could mean trouble for India: Expert

-(Thejakartapost 4/4) ASEAN to draft rules of engagement with China: As soon as it has a firm position on the issue, ASEAN expects to begin talks with China on the disputed South China Sea territory; (Bangkokpost 4/4)Asean paralysed over China sea dispute, say analysts

-(Canberratimes 4/4) US and its allies seek to stop Chinese expansion: Australia and the Philippines are among those involved

-(WP 3/4) Southeast Asian countries, China bring South China Sea territorial rift to regional summit: diplomats said Tuesday at the start of a regional meeting.

-(Phnompenhpost 3/4) South China Sea surfaces: The Philippines thrust the South China Sea dispute to the forefront of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting yesterday, causing the topic to dominate discussions.

-(Abs-cbnnews 3/4) PNoy urges united ASEAN on South China Sea: ASEAN should forge a common position on a proposed code of conduct aimed at easing tensions in the South China Sea before talking with China; Philippines pushes South China Sea issue at summit

-(Wsj 3/4) Asian Bloc Seeks Unity Over Sea Disputes: The Philippines and other members of the 10-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations are attempting to frame a regional, legally binding code of conduct to guide sovereignty claims in the waters; (FP 3/4) Will China climb down in the South China Sea?

-(Radioaustralia 3/4) South China Sea a sensitive topic at ASEAN summit: Members of the Association of South East Asian Nations have gathered in the Cambodian capital for an annual, two-day meeting.

-(Nationmultimedia 2/4) ASEAN says it will deal as one with China in sea dispute: The secretary general of ASEAN said Monday the 10-member group would deal jointly with China in trying to resolve the ongoing dispute over the South China Sea.

-(Chinadaily 2/4) South China Sea issue can be resolved 'properly': Vice-Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday reaffirmed

-(Dailystar 2/4) ASEAN struggles with South China Sea code: Southeast Asian foreign ministers wrangled Monday over a proposed code of conduct aimed at easing dangerous maritime disputes with Beijing in the South China Sea.

-(Reuters 2/4) Philippines' Spratlys tourism plan likely to rile China: The Philippines plans to develop a disputed island in the South China Sea into a tourism centre with a 100-metre (330-ft) concrete wharf; (Abs-cbnnews 2/4)Aquino to seek OFW protection in Asean summit

-(Philstar 1/4) China bucks joint drills of Phl, Vietnam: saying such acts undermine China’s sovereignty.

-(Mainichi 1/4) Hu, Hun Sen say sea row should be resolved within ASEAN-China framework: Hu, who arrived in Cambodia on Friday on a four-day state visit, also pledged to provide Cambodia with 250 million yuan ($31.6 million) in grants


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