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East Sea News from 01/8 to 31/8/2012

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-(The diplomat 30/8)China’s Real Blue Water Navy: China is building a two-layered navy with a high-end Near Seas component and a limited, low-end capability beyond. It is not poised to speed across the Pacific to threaten America.

-(Abc 30/8) Australia calls for South China Sea resolution: The Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith has called for a peaceful end to territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

-(Chinapost 30/8)Academics visit contested islands in South China Sea: Taiwan's Navy has taken a group of academics to contested islands in the South China Sea

-(Atimes 30/8)China not to pick that East China Sea fight: The Chinese are crystal clear that the Diaoyu Islands are covered under the US-Japan Mutual Cooperation and Security Treaty because the islands are under Japan's administrative control.

-(Channel news asia 30/8) Sea row set aside as China, ASEAN seek trade boost: Trade between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) jumped to over $200 billion in the first seven months of 2012

-(Gmanetwork 30/8)PNoy, Chinese leader to meet at APEC Summit in Russia, South China Sea on agenda: President Benigno Aquino III and Chinese President Hu Jintao will likely discuss a territorial row on the sidelines of a regional trade summit in Russia next month

-(Bloomberg 29/8)Pacific Commander Says U.S. Pivot to Asia Doesn’t Target China at a meeting with a senior Chinese military official.

-(Philstar 29/8)Gazmin, counterparts support Code of Conduct in West Phl Sea: Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and his counterparts from Malaysia and Indonesia have expressed support for the crafting of a Code of Conduct in the South China Sea

-(Gmanetwork 29/8)PHL to China: Let's work together despite West PHL Sea disputes: China and the Philippines need to take steps to bolster their relationship as they have agreed last year despite territorial conflicts in the South China Sea, Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said. 

-(Chinadaily 29/8)CNOOC offers more offshore oil blocks for foreign investors: China National Offshore Oil Corp has offered 26 more offshore blocks for joint development with foreign exploration companies on Tuesday

-(Atimes 29/8)Drones take South China Sea plunge: The innovations promise to add new strategic dimensions to global maritime hot spots, including simmering tensions in the South China Sea.

-(Huffington Post 28/8)Clinton to discuss South China Sea on Asia trip: The trip, which includes stops in six countries, underscores the Obama administration's heightened focus on Asia, an economically booming region that has sought deeper U.S. ties.

-(Atimes 29/8)Nationalism runs high in Asian disputes: A dangerous mix of nationalist sentiments and domestic politics in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines, have exacerbated long simmering disputes over several island clusters throughout the region.

-(Xinhua 28/8)U.S. Secretary of State to visit China next week: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit China on Sept. 4 and 5, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Tuesday.

-(RSIS 28/8)Vietnam’s New Kilo-class Submarines: Game-changer in Regional Naval Balance? The launch of Vietnam’s first Kilo-class submarine is another step closer to Hanoi’s dream of acquiring an

undersea capability.

-(Times of India 28/8)Gen Liang's visit hopes to rekindle India, China defence ties: India and China aim to put their fledgling defence relationship back on track, with stepped-up military exchanges, confidence-building measures when Chinese defence minister General Liang Guanglie visits here next week.

-(Bloomberg 28/8)China Offers Oil-Exploration Blocks Near Disputed Waters: China National Offshore Oil Corp. offered foreign companies oil and gas blocks that lie near waters also claimed by Vietnam and Japan as tensions flare among the countries over rights to resources in the area.

-(The Diplomat 28/8)China’s Restrained Nationalism: Nationalism is as pressing a concern in China as in any country in the region, and the need for Beijing to cater to the nationalist sections of society is often mentioned as a factor in government decision-making.

-(State 28/8)Daily Press Briefing - Washington, DC: Spokesperson Victoria Nuland ‘We are continuing to urge a multilateral conversation about a code of conduct in the South China Sea that is in keeping with international law and the Law of the Sea Treaty.’

-(Washington Post 28/8)ASEAN struggles to cope with rival claims in the South China Sea: Thrown off balance by a cacophony of claims in the South China Sea, Southeast Asia is struggling to cope with the “big and heavy” presence of China and the United States in the region and needs to face up to growing security and political challenges

-(Chinadaily 28/8) Philippines to replace ambassador to China: Philippine President Benigno Aquino III has ordered the replacement of the country's ambassador to China, according to media in Manila.

-(Abs-cbnnews 27/8)DFA: China keeps presence at Scarborough: Three Chinese maritime surveillance ships were spotted in the area, according to the last surveillance report received 2 weeks ago by the Department of Foreign Affairs

-(The Jakarta Post 27/8) Insight: Should we be worried about territorial disputes in East Asia? Territorial problems, if not managed properly and in a restrained manner, will seriously undermine peace, stability, and prosperity in East Asia

-(Philstar 27/8)Del Rosario flies to Beijing to visit Brady: Philippine Ambassador to China Brady, 71, is recovering well after a stroke and her condition is continuously being monitored.

-(Wall Street Journal 26/8)China's Major South China Sea Claims and the U.S: Sen. James Webb rightly espies "The South China Sea's Gathering Storm" (op-ed, Aug. 20). China's actions are akin to the U.S. claiming exclusive sovereignty over the entire Caribbean Sea

-(Eastasia Forum 26/8)US strategy: between the ‘pivot’ and ‘Air-Sea Battle’: Between the political concept of the ‘pivot’, which evokes the ephemeral nature of US attention rather than an enduring commitment, and the Air-Sea Battle concept, with its focus on major-power war with China, this evolving and nascent US strategy remains without a name.

-(National Interest 23/8)Collision Course in the South China Sea: The current trajectory is lose-lose-lose for all concerned, including China, Southeast Asia and third-party countries in the Pacific Rim

-(Reuters 23/8)Deeper Asian splits possible after South China Sea spat: Marty Natalegawa said Jakarta was trying to restore harmony after unprecedented arguments over the sea prevented a summit of ASEAN last month from issuing a joint communique

-(Thediplomat 23/8)Much Ado About The Sansha Garrison: Don't believe the hype: Beijing's Sansha military garrison is more of an administrative move than an arms buildup in the South China Sea.

-(Wall Street Journal 23/8)U.S. Plans New Asia Missile Defenses: A move American officials say is designed to contain threats from North Korea, but one that could also be used to counter China's military.

-(The Australian 23/8)Carr's co-operation recipe for a calmer sea: "Joint development zones are designed to facilitate equitable and mutually beneficial development -- a concept that is expressly provided for in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

-(Project-syndicate22/8)China’s House Divided: whereas America’s problem in the world today is that domestic pressures sometimes lead to an excess of fortitude, China’s problem is that similarly constraining pressures produce foreign-policy weakness.

-(Foreign Policy 22/8)Powder Keg in the Pacific: China's new centrality as the biggest trading partner of most countries in the region means that while its neighbors are nervous about its growing military muscle and nationalist rhetoric, they are reluctant to place their economies at risk by confronting it directly."

-(Thediplomat 22/8)Taiwan and the South China Sea: Without sea control or air supremacy—operational conditions Taiwan’s increasingly outmatched air force and navy are unlikely to achieve—Taiping Island will wither in any conflict.

-(Foreign Policy Journal 22/8)A Question of Energy Security: Why China Should Devote Energy Into Regional Security: The geopolitical epicenter shift from the West to the East, already underway in the economic sphere, might further gain traction. Battle lines might be drawn but the probability of a full-scale armed conflict appears slim, so far, at least.

-(Eurasia Review 22/8)Uncertainty And Insecurity Generated By Claimants In South China Sea: Most worryingly, Beijing’s steps to the SCS more determined and aggressive than ever to assert their claims are escalating the anarchy in the SCS

-(Atimes 22/8) Island feuds challenge US' Asian ties: The West and concerned regional powers should take careful note: if and when China's political system becomes more democratic, expect it to be even more regionally assertive.

-(Guardian 21/8)China and Japan are stirring up an old animosity: In a dispute over islands, both countries are using false histories and present ambitions to stoke a dangerous nationalism

-(Channel News Asia 21/8)Japan to replace China, S. Korea, US envoys: Japan will shortly replace its ambassadors to China, South Korea and the United States in an unusual simultaneous move amid difficulties in Tokyo's dealings with all three

-(The Diplomat 21/8)South China Sea: The “Heartsea”?: The power that commanded South China Sea waters and skies, and could exclude rivals, would enjoy the advantage of easy, relatively economical strategic mobility.

-(New York Times 21/8)Dispute Over Islands Reflects Japanese Fear of China’s Rise: As Chinese warships and patrol boats have become a more frequent sight in waters near here, some islanders have begun to speak out more in support of the American and Japanese militaries, even as sentiment against United States bases remains strong.

-(National interest 21/8) The China Challenge: China today represents the most fundamental geopolitical challenge facing the United States, and it has been a long time since the need for American boldness and imagination has been as acute as it is now in light of the Beijing challenge.

-(Taipei Times 21/8) Taiwan plans live-fire drill on Taiping in South China Sea: Coast Guard Administration (CGA) is scheduled to carry out a live-fire exercise from Sept. 1 through Sept. 5 on Taiping

-(Wall Street Journal 19/8) The South China Sea's Gathering Storm: As the region has grown more prosperous, the sovereignty issues have become more fierce

-(Thediplomat 18/8)
 Why the South China Sea is not a “Sudetenland Moment”: It was likely such a calculus that led to last week’s State Department warning to Beijing

-(Nationalinterest 16/8)
 Preparing for War with China: The debate over AirSea Battle swirls mostly around technology and whether the doctrine is aimed at China. To answer the latter question first: Yes, it is about China. It has to be.

-(Hindustantimes 16/8) Top Chinese ministers to visit New Delhi: The ministers of commerce and defence from China are headed to India in the next three weeks amid worries about a slump in bilateral trade and indifferent military ties.

-(Washingtonpost 16/8) U.S. is right to assail China on its South China Sea claims: United States has a “national interest” in the region: not territorial, but to protect regional stability and the huge volume of international shipping that passes through the sea.

-(Philstar 16/8) US to China: Don't divide and conquer in SEA: China should not use bilateral talks to attempt to “divide and conquer” nations with competing territorial claims in the South China Sea, the United States said Tuesday.

-(Stratfor 15/8) Explaining the South China Sea by Robert D. Kaplan: The fate of the South China Sea story actually lies for the most part with China.

-(Thejakartaglobe 15/8) China Vows Cooperation in Disputed Sea: China is eager to encourage mutual cooperation in the conflict-ridden South China Sea, its ambassador to Indonesia said on Tuesday

-(VOA 14/8) Beijing Denies Creating Rifts Over S. China Sea: By extending the runway of its air field on Woody island, the largest of the Paracel islands, Sansha will become the main Chinese military base in the dispute over the South China Sea.

-(State 14/8) Daily Press Briefing: Spokesperson Victoria Nuland ‘An effort to divide and conquer and end up with a competitive situation among the different claimants is not going to get where we need to go’

-(Wantchinatimes 13/8) China is extending its runway on Woody island in the South China Sea: A report from India's Institute for Defense Studies stated that Woody island plays a crucial role to the People's Liberation Army in the South China Sea in a similar manner to the Diego Garcia.

-(Channelnewsasia 13/8) South China Sea disagreements reflect disunity: Shanmugam. He said it was regrettable that ASEAN members could not come to a compromise on the issue at the 45th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) held in Phnom Penh in July.

-(Straitstimes 13/8Malaysia urges Asean to unite over South China Sea:Malaysia's foreign minister urged South-east Asian countries on Sunday to settle their overlapping claims in the South China Sea before bringing them up with Beijing.

-(Eurasia Review 8/8) Yongxing Island: China’s Diego Garcia In South China Sea? It is possible that China, taking advantage of the situation, is looking at an ‘island hopping’ strategy to strengthen its claims and presence in the region.

-(Atimes 8/8) China bares claws in maritime dispute: Recent moves by China to bolster its maritime claims have brought the first element into sharp relief, while reassurances of benign intent have, however, been in short supply.

-(Abs-cbnnews 8/8) Indonesia warns of further South China Sea tension: Indonesia warned Wednesday of a "risk of further tensions" between nations with overlapping claims to swathes of the South China Sea if a "collective and common approach" is not soon agreed.

-(Atimes 9/8) Taiwan jumps into South China Sea fray: Taipei is entering the fray with the expectation of key diplomatic, economic and political benefits.

-(Eurasia Review 8/8) The South China Sea Disputes: How Countries Can Clarify Their Maritime Claims: As recognized many years ago by the late Deng Xiaoping, the only viable way to deal with the intractable territorial sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea is to set aside the disputes and jointly develop the resources

-(Csmonitor 7/8) Beijing and US tense up over fresh South China Sea dispute: A new Chinese city and base on a disputed South China Sea island have kicked up tensions, but it will likely end there. The last thing China wants to do is give the US a reason to get involve

-(Guardian 7/8) China lambasts US over South China Sea row: Beijing accuses Washington's intervention in the region of 'fanning the flames and provoking division'

-(BBC 5/8) South China Sea dispute: China summons US diplomat: China has summoned a senior US diplomat in a dispute over the South China Sea.

-(WSJ 5/8) China-U.S. Tensions Rise Over South China Sea: The U.S. said China's recent decision to establish a military garrison in the SCSand elevate the administrative status of an island outpost in waters claimed by China, the Philippines and others risked further inflaming tension there.

-(FT 5/8) US and China argue over South China Sea: China and the US stepped up their war of words over territorial disputes in the South China Sea at the weekend

-(Guardian 5/8) China rebukes US diplomat for sending 'wrong signal' on South China Sea: China's foreign ministry is protesting about remarks made by the US over rising tensions in the disputed South China Sea

-(Foreign Policy 5/8) Salami Slicing in the South China Sea: China's slow, patient approach to dominating Asia

-(Philstar 3/8) China ends fishing ban, unveils 'oil offensive': China has announced that the two-and-half-month summer fishing moratorium in some parts of the South China Sea ended on Wednesday.

-(Heritage 2/8) Storm Warnings: South China Sea Tensions Reflect Danger of Defense Cuts: The South China Sea is becoming an ever more perilous flashpoint as China increasingly asserts its control over the region and develops the means to back it up.

-(Abs-cbnnews 2/8) PH asks China: Don't escalate sea row: Malacañang asked China not to undertake actions that will raise tensions in the South China Sea, following reports that China is inviting bids on oil blocks in disputed territory.

-(Atimes 2/8) Philippines arms itself with new pacts: The Philippines has in recent weeks forged new pacts with non-regional allies Australia and Japan to hedge its bets.

-(Reuters 1/8) China unveils oil offensive in South China Sea squabble: First came the diplomatic offensive, then the flexing of military muscle.

-(Eurasia Review 1/8) China’s Forward Policy In The South China Sea: It is still not too late for the Chinese to realise their folly and withdraw from these uninhabited islands and seek a peaceful solution in line with the UN Law of the Sea.

-(BBC 1/8) Philippines and Cambodia in South China Sea row: The Philippines has summoned Cambodia's ambassador over comments linked to Manila's territorial row with Beijing.

-(Xinhua 1/8) South China Sea fishing ban lifted: Nearly 9,000 fishing boats were getting ready to sail in south China's Hainan province as a seasonal fishing ban in the South China Sea was lifted Wednesday.

-(Reuters 1/8) ASEAN path to economic union muddied by South China Sea: Discord in Southeast Asia over how to deal with Beijing's claims in the South China Sea comes as the region struggles to overcome competing national interests and form a European Union-style economic community by 2015.

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